Sunday, January 4, 2015

App Encrypt, Lock feature in Smartphone Applications

App Encrypt
App Encrypt
Oppo smartphone which has been supported by the Android operating system modified Oppo, ColorOS 2.0, has a feature to maintain security application called App Encrypt.

This feature can help users in making use password protection to the specified application that can not be opened by any people.

This is especially useful for critical applications such as system settings, SMS, notes, and phone.

Imagine if your system settings accessed by others so sudden turmoil system on smartphones.

Or, if important SMS messages accessible to others without permission.

When it comes to things like this are vital smartphone should have safety features such applications App Encrypt.

To enable this feature the user only needs to access the Security Center application and choose Encrypt App menu.

Once inside this menu the user can directly select the activation button located in the top right.

Later the user will be prompted to choose the form of the password using a pattern or figure.

Once the password is automatically applied to the App Encrypt this feature will be active.

Furthermore, users only have to choose the application that wants to be given the password protection.

Any application that is marked in the App Encrypt this feature will ask permission to password protection when it will be opened.

To determine the type of protection depends wishes password and user comfort.

With the App Encrypt feature will minimize other person accessing the application that is not desired by the user.

Privacy can be maintained and the smartphone system settings can not be changed arbitrarily.



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