Sunday, December 28, 2014

WhatsApp application testing voice call

WhatsApp voice call
If previously you could only use WhatsApp only for chattingan course, next year maybe you already can use Facebook's application was to call your friends.

Yes, a site called AndroidWorld managed to get a screenshots showing the new features in WhatsApp, ie voice call. According to the website of Dutch origin, known WhatsApp is conducting tests on the phone calling feature works similarly predictable or picture messaging.

The feature will allow users to make phone calls to all your friends in your contact list, even while using the handset or Bluetooth earphones. Most likely voice calls can be made via WhatsApp will not devour your pulse, but uses the internet / data packets.

Although still in the testing phase, the plan to increase voice call feature is a strategic step in the battle messaging application that starts to heat up. Previously, WhatsApp, Line, and WeChat already started the war with a voice message or voice messaging.

This step also makes WhatsApp will be the challenger Skype is still the main choice for a voice call or video call.



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