Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sonicable, mobile phone battery charging solution

It took a long time to charge the battery or charging an Android phone or iPhone yours? If yes, the product named Sonicable cable is claimed to shorten the charging device.

How it works is very simple cable. A cable usually has two functions, to charge and synchronize data between the phone and computer.

Well, if the synchronization function is removed, a cable is said to help speed up the process of charging.

Cable owned Sonicable itself is equipped with a switch or a button named Sonic Switch. When set in the Off mode, the USB cable is functioning as general cable.

When the mode is On, Sonicable will turn off synchronization on the cable. According to the claim, the function can accelerate the charging times of up to twice the iPhone and Android mobile phone products.

The product has not been circulating in the market today. Sonicable product is currently in crowdfund or fundraiser on Indiegogo site.

The good news, the target of the crowdfund Sonicable products already meet the targets, which amounted to US $ 10,000 so that the production of these devices can be started.

The fundraising process is scheduled for completion on February 23, 2015. Possibility, Sonicable circulated in March.



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